05 février 2007

Today's special: I write in english so that YOU read my blog...

Ok, today’s the day I have to write in English... Sorry for my poor vocabulary…

How was the week-end? Not bad at all!

Emma had her first “boum”: 8 girls and 8 boys in the same place from 4PM to 10PM. I don’t want to know what happened there, although I can imagine. The zhom didn’t take it too good: he couldn’t resist calling her before she was supposed to call us, just in case she would have done something she wasn’t allowed to. How stupid does it sound? Anyway, the girl was upset because her father wasn’t that confident.
She came back home with stars in her eyes. I had the strange feeling that the little girl became a young woman…

I went on selecting stupid 80’s music for Annie’s birthday party. Would anyone dance on Diana Ross, Gloria Estefan or Christopher Cross today? Naaaaaaah, please tell me that my friends have better taste than that or I’ll have to kill myself by eating 80’s music CDs.
Thanks God, I downloaded almost everything and I didn’t have to ask my cool friends (the ones who listen to good music, that is… almost no one!) to lend me CDs.

Aïdan decided that he’d better wake up at 5AM. This little boy has a strange sense of humour. Every time he wakes up that early, he looks at me just as if he was trying to say something like: “Yark, I woke you up once more and now your day's completely fucked up. I am the master of the universe!” How sick is this: he’s just 7 month old!!! The good part is that I have time to look at “The L Word” that I downloaded recently: no kids around, husband sleeping, baby working hard on his bottle, shall I ask for more?

I bought myself some cool stuff: a bottle of "Eau Prodigieuse Or" from Nuxe and cool dark blue nail polish. That's the way it is girls: 2007 is a year of rebirth... Can you imagine me wearing my new skirt, my new cool boots, fishnet stockings, with blue nails and a sparkling body? I'm so cool today, it's almost like I'm 30 again :-D

Yesterday evening, Zhom and I decided that we were fed up with the kids. We left them home and drove down to a nice place where you can drink cool beers and eat nice little olives filled with something they call red pepper. I’d rather call this “red something pretending to look great when stuffed into a small green olive”, but I know I’m a bit sarcastic. Anyway, we had a few cool beers, ate two cans of those olives and drove back home with the feeling that we were a newly wed couple…

That was a cool week-end…

Don't tell me that you don't read my blog because it's written in french. If I write in english just for you, YOU should be able to read my french...

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Commentaires sur Today's special: I write in english so that YOU read my blog...

  • Cooooool!

    C'est bien de nous obliger à pratiquer l'English
    Cooool pour les tites étoiles dans les yeux de ta grande, et pour les olives (si c'était pas du poivron, j'vois pas ce que ça pouvait être?)
    Bon, pour le réveil à 5h du mat', bof bof, mais il a dû faire une bonne sieste (et toi aussi?)

    Posté par Pinkfamily, 05 février 2007 à 13:14 | | Répondre
  • so i ride ride like the wind tudu tududududu nanananana from the border of mexicoooooooooooo so i riiiiide ride like the wind

    Pfffff tu comprends rien à la bonne soupe...

    bon sinon je confirme tu es absolument gorgeous en fille


    Posté par opio, 05 février 2007 à 22:02 | | Répondre
  • Yessssssssssss!

    Nigivir: Thank you so much my dear! Ouais, je practice a lot because je veux pas looser my english. I try hard to help my contemporains, so that ils puissent understand nos friends de loin là-bas

    Opio: Grave gorgeous même! En fait, chuis une vraie fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiille!

    Posté par caro211, 05 février 2007 à 22:50 | | Répondre
  • comment fo être bilingue

    ça ressemblerait presque à un truc élitiste si je te connaissais pas ... m'enfin,c cool anyway
    à quand des news sur ton blog ? on est le 12 et je vois rien de new depuis le 7 ? ttt ttt ttt ttt ... pas bien, on s'ennuie de toi ...bizzzz

    Posté par warriorinpink, 12 février 2007 à 20:52 | | Répondre
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